Brew 02: Mi Cafecito Coffee – Pomona, CA

After exploring downtown Upland and visiting Lucky’s Coffee Roasters to kick off my 52 Coffee Brews project, I was excited to pick a spot for the second week of the year. After doing a little research, a coffee shop called Mi Cafecito Coffee jumped out at me. Located in downtown Pomona, Mi Cafecito’s mission is to promote unity through coffee.

One of my major goals with 52 Coffee Brews is to support and promote family owned and operated businesses. Mi Cafecito Coffee is the embodiment of that, and is owned by a young Latinx couple that really understands what a community based business is supposed to represent.

The Location

Mi Cafecito Coffee is located in the Arts Colony of downtown Pomona at 101 S Main St, Pomona, CA 91766. You’ll find the coffee shop on the corner of the first floor of the JP|Group brick building. There is an abundance of street parking, as well as a parking lot on the east side of S Main St.

Brew 02: Mi Cafecito Coffee - Pomona, CABrew 02: Mi Cafecito Coffee - Pomona, CA

The inside of Mi Cafecito Coffee only has a few seating options, so I can imagine it would be tough to find a place to sit on a busy morning. There are four small tables outside though, which is were we decided to sit. The baristas were very friendly, and did a great job helping customers on a busy Saturday morning.

Brew 02: Mi Cafecito Coffee - Pomona, CA

Mi Cafecito has a really nice menu with classic drinks, cold brew, and a few other options. They also offer food options like breakfast burritos, cookies, and empanadas.

Brew 02: Mi Cafecito Coffee - Pomona, CABrew 02: Mi Cafecito Coffee - Pomona, CA

The Crew

Joining me at Mi Cafecito, was my wife and son. We are all now fully recovered from the jet lag of  our Thailand trip and getting back into the swing of things at work (and school for the little guy). My son was adamant about bringing Mack and Doc from the Cars movie, but Lightning McQueen did not get an invite.


The Brew

Mi Cafecito is one of those coffee shops that I could have easily ordered everything on the menu. I showed restraint though and opted for the panini breakfast burrito with a pour over coffee. Julia ordered a latte with the vegetarian breakfast burrito, and Owen got a water with a polvorón and a conchita.

The house pour over coffee was incredible. The smoothness and bold flavor was really special. I’ve become a huge fan of pour over coffee lately. It’s a little more expensive than drip and takes longer to prepare, but the taste is simply on another level.

Brew 02: Mi Cafecito Coffee - Pomona, CABrew 02: Mi Cafecito Coffee - Pomona, CABrew 02: Mi Cafecito Coffee - Pomona, CA

We sat and enjoyed our drinks and breakfast as Owen watched the nearby train pass by. After warming in the morning sun, we walked around downtown Pomona for a bit and spotted a mural created by a family friend. If you’ve ever walked around the Arts Colony area of Pomona, you’ve probably seen the mural in the photo below from Kevin Stewart-Magee. He’s a good friend of my father in law, and an amazing mural artist.

Brew 02: Mi Cafecito Coffee - Pomona, CA

The Verdict: 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mi Cafecito Coffee is a 5/5 star coffee shop in my book. The business is family owned, has great service, fantastic coffee, solid food options, and abundant parking. I will definitely be returning.


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