Café Amazon – Convenience Coffee in Thailand

Café Amazon - Convenience Coffee in Thailand

Convenience coffee is a personal staple for me on road trips and while traveling. As much as I love drinking quality coffee at quaint cafes, sometimes I just need a jolt of caffeine on the go. Anyone that has travelled or road tripped around Thailand will know that 7-11 and Café Amazon are two of the most popular convenience coffee options in the country. I prefer the coffee and ambiance at Café Amazon more than 7-11 and stopped at quite a few during a two week trip spent between Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai.

Café Amazon - Convenience Coffee in Thailand

Café Amazon is a convenience coffee chain based out of Bangkok, providing a coffee experience akin to a budget Starbucks. Most of the 3,000+ stores are located near gas stations, city centers, or shopping malls. The menu at Café Amazon is very similar to Starbucks, with options containing a few coffees, a few teas, and a lot of caffeinated milk shakes. You’ll also find a wide range of pre-made food items like sandwiches, baked goods, yogurt, and fruit.


Most Café Amazons have ample seating, great light from large windows, and solid wifi for travelers needing to get work done. I’ve also found the staff to be very helpful and friendly.


The one thing I found at a Café Amazon that I can’t imagine any coffee shop having at home, is a live mascot. A parrot is a part of the Café Amazon logo, and one location we stopped at had a small aviary of parrots just outside the store.

If you’re traveling around Thailand and in need of a quick coffee fix, make sure to try out Café Amazon. If you’re driving out to Ayutthaya from Bangkok, you may be lucky enough to see a few parrots along the way.

Café Amazon - Convenience Coffee in ThailandCafé Amazon - Convenience Coffee in Thailand

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