Introducing 52 Coffee Brews!

One new coffee each week for a year.

Coffee, joe, java, mud, mocha, macchiato…Café latte, cappuccino, cortado, and ristretto. Starting out as a humble seed to be picked, processed, dried and eventually roasted, the coffee bean begins its journey near the equator before making its way to our cups.

Coffee as a product is so much more than the sum of its parts. Like the invisible waves of sound that our brains identify as music, coffee carries emotions, memories, and sensations like few drinks can. Just like music, the coffee experience is amplified when enjoyed with friends and family, and when delivered from the hands of a professional in a fitting venue.

Over the last decade, I’ve had the fortune of traveling to 23 countries around the world. There are memories from these travels that come and go, but I can vividly remember every great cup of coffee. Each cup of black gold found a way to anchor that moment in my mind for eternity. The crisp early morning sunrises on the John Muir Trail, the chocolatey notes of Vietnamese coffee in Hanoi amongst a sea of scooters, a midday break along the Camino Portuguese in the quiet town of Arcade, and a mountain chateau breakfast at the base of the Alps in Les Chapieux along Tour du Mont Blanc to name a few.

After a 15 hour flight from LAX to Tapei

For 2020, I want to set a goal of dropping more of these caffeinated anchors. I hope that 52 Coffee Brews will encourage me to explore new coffee shops in Southern California and create memories each week with with family and friends. I’m not quite sure how this project will shape up or which direction it will eventually follow, but I hope to look back at the end of 2020 with a log of some amazing places shared with amazing people.

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